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Thread: rare peacock or hap

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    Default rare peacock or hap

    I jsut came back form the LFS, I was checking out what they have so i know when my tnak is done what to look for. But while i was ther ei got talking to the guy that was working. He said that if i picked one of the rare peacocks and bred them he would buy all the fry.This sounded like a good idea since then it would pay for some of the tank costs.

    I was wondering what would be a good peacock or hap to choose. Which one would be most indemand and receive the best price.

    I have a few ideas but want some input.Which would get the best price for the babies

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    Can't go wrong with a Placidachromis Phenochilus!
    too many fish not enough tank

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    Agreed, I have a trio of these and can't wait till they start breeding.

    As far as peacocks go, check with local demand and supply, see what is most common where you live.

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    Red Peacocks are wonderful!

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