ALL GLASS 75gal Glass Top (std. shape) w/included Black Pine Stand
Added: Cork Board covered w/Black Plastic to shelf (Water Protection)
Added: Cork Board between Wood Floor & Cabinet Stand (Protection)
Added: 2 Mini 4 Drawer Storage Bins (Organizing & Storage)
Added: 2 Door Pockets to both Doors (Literature/Books & Storage)
Reef Keeper 2 Controller & RK2 Expansion Socket
Monitors & Controls: PH/Temp/Lights/Equipment & Connects to Computers for Real-Time Monitoring and the Controller is fully programmable for total control with multiple configurations for any type of Tank set-up. With the touch of a button, you can feed or perform maintenance & tons more. You will Love Soft Start!
TOM Digital Temp Alert for Audible Alarm/Warning
Hanna Testers:
98121-PH/ORP/Temp & 98311-EC/TDS/Temp
2 Tunze 6025s:
Nano Streams Power Heads for water flow simulation
Location 1: Top Rear L-Side Glass angled at center Tank floor
Location 2: Top Rear R-Side Glass angled straight across to opposite side for waters surface disturbance. Both are in alternating mode via the RK2 keeping food and waste movement for all Intakes. They are concealed by Tunze Custom Rock Covers
378gph 4 Stage Canister Filter w/built in 9w UV/3 Media Trays
Tray 1: Ceramic Rings/Filter Floss
Tray 2: Bio Balls/Zeolite/Filter Floss
Tray 3: Activated Carbon/Filter Floss
Custom Flow Plumbing Kit connected to Canister.
Gives you 4 Intakes (1 Mid Level & 3 Floor). A concealed 48” Spray Bar across entire Top Front of Tank. Special attachment for Air Pump Injection at Main Outtake. Multiple Flow Adjustment Valves included.
Note: Went to LFS and rummaged thru their spare parts for additional Pipes/Tubes/Elbows & Valves to get exactly the set-up that I was after. However, the Kit is sufficient for most applications.
400gph Dual Bio Wheel/Mid Level Intake w/Dual Water Fall
2 Rear Filter Pads (Using Phosphate Removal Pads)
2 Front Media Trays (1 Phosp/Removal & 1 Activated Carbon)
Two: 300 watt Via Titanium Heaters w/External Mounted Control
Lighting System:
6 Stage Lighting Set-up to simulate 24hr lighting cycle.
Odyssea 48” T5 HO 216 watt (4x54w) Light w/8 Moon LEDs. System has 3 separate control switches (1-Moon/1-T5x2/1-T5x2)
Note: Split system, added additional cords for individual timming.
UVL Super Actinic/Odyssea 12000K White on Ch 1 & UVL Super Actinic/UVL AquaSun 10000K on Ch 2 & Moon LEDs on Ch 3.
Added: Additional sets of LEDs: 8 LED Blue/White Bar & two 4 LED Blue Bars and attached to Main Light plugged into separate channels: Blue LED Bars on Ch 4 and the 8 LED Bar on Ch 5
Added: 3 Light Track System above Painting casting light from above giving both the Tank & Painting a natural color of light and connected this on Ch 6. There is no lighting situation that can’t be created. Keep in mind that everything is controlled by the RK2 plus the addition of 2 Digital Timers for a clean flawless set-up.
Cord Manager: Aqualight Cord Organizer (Remember to keep it clean)
Added: Black Spray Painted Cardboard to Tank’s bottom (Black-Out)
Added: Rocky Cliff Back Ground Paper to 3 sides (Natural Look & Feel)
Added: All Black Back Ground Paper to Rear & Right Side over main Scene
(Prevents light penetration & looks better than reverse scene view)
Added: Lg Custom Painted Picture above Tank as an added Focal Point
Added: 60 to 70 lbs of mixed natural colors of Gravel Substrate
(Natural colors are best for showing off Cichlid’s Coloration)
Added: Lighting Grid beneath gravel substrate for Rock Support (Spray Painted Krylon Fusion Black)
Slim Line Messa RockWall (1” Thick for small spaces)
Note: This Application doesn’t rob fish of space and a “Wet Application” to an established tank is possible (Not wanting to empty Tank or use glue), and only removing Fish and 20% of water if you want to. With Inside Measurements (glass bottom up to glass trim), the wall will wedge in perfectly, or simply use your gravel for more support.) HOB Filter System will also help with stability.
Added: 180 lbs of Hand Picked Rock with unique sizes/shapes & colors
(My Rock Formula: Base Rock; Fill Rock; Cliff Rock; Flat Rock)
Note: I chemical soaked each rock (2-3 min) to remove silt, dirt, oxidization and to get down to the stone’s pure color. Next, I power washed the rocks and set them in water for 7 days to leach out anything harmful. “Warning”, consult a professional before using chemicals if you want to “Live and/or not damage Skin”!
Added: 2 Tunze Ceramic Rock to conceal Tunze Power Heads
(Hand Painted w/natural pigments and Matted Sealant)
Added: Molded Rocks using Woodland Rubber Molds & Model Resin Kit
(Attached Hand Painted Resin Rocks to Wall for depth & detail)
Note: After painting rock w/natural pigments and attaching rock to wall w/aquarium glue, I sprayed with a Matted Sealant and let dry. After everything was dry, I set the Wall face down in my Bath Tub to start the Leaching process using some of the heavy rocks to keep the Wall submerged (very buoyant).
Added: OSI Large Smooth Bark Stump (No Soaking/Leaching or Waiting)
(In my opinion, the only “Realistic artificial Wood”)
Added: Mini Silk Ivy to wrap around Plumbing for concealment
(Sold @ Hobby Lobby in 6’ to 9’ lengths dirt cheap!)
Added: Hand Crafted Grasses & Plants
Note: Silk Ivy & Grasses came from Hobby Lobby. I used plastic sewing machine bobbins and large deep dish coat buttons for plant bases w/aquarium glue. You get 10 times the amount of plants this way and silk plants are sold by the stalk, giving you more plants than you will ever need for a fraction of the LFS Retail Prices.
Added: A few Store Bought Plants (ran out of patience)
Live Stock:
(1 M Aulonocara Baenschi); (1 M Aulonocara Ngara Orange Flametail); (1 M Aulonocara Ngara Mdoka Yellow); (1 M Aulonocara Red?); (1 M Aulonocara Red Spot Nyassae); (1 M Aulonocara Red Top Lwanda); (1 M Aulonocara Benga Sunshine); (1 F Cynotilapia Afra Jalo); (1 M Hap Ovatus Sulfur Head); (1 M Hap Ruby Green); (1 M Hap Venustus Giraffe); (1 M Lab Red Top Hongi); (1 M Lab Pearlmutt); (1 F Rusty); (1 M Melanochromis Auratus); (1 M Metriaclima Cobalt Blue Zebra); (1 F Otopharynx Lithobate Zebra); (1 M Steveni Taiwan Reef Tiger); (1 M Spilonotus Tanzania Insignus); (1 M Red Turq Jewel); (1 M Hap Electric Blue); (1 M Lab-C Yellow); (1 M Obliquiden Yellow Blaze Zebra); (1 M Red Tail Shark)
Omega One Cichlid Flakes; TetraColor Granules; New Life Spectrum; Frozen Foods: Spirulina Brine Shrimp/Cichlid Delight (Carnivores)/Bloodworms (Red Mosquito Larve)
Note: Purchased Frozen Food from LFS (the only frozen food stocked).
Water Cond:
Well Water High In PH & Very Hard (outside only)
Inside Tap System runs thru a Water Softener and is used during Cold Seasons.
Kent Mrn Lqds: Cichlid Essential Trace/Cichlid Chemistry/Malawi Buffer
Crime Fighters:
Bio Wheels/Bio Balls/Ceramic Rings/Filter Floss/UV Sterilizer/Zeolite/Phosphate Fltr Pads/Phosphate Fltr Media/Activated Carbon/Circulation
Final Note:
Started in June/07 with a 55gal Tank & 10 fish. A Red Tail Shark & 4 F Cichlids (Afra Jalo/Taiwan Tiger/Rusty/ Oto Lithobate) and 5 M Cichlids (Yellow Lab/Yellow Blaze/Pearlmutt/Red Peacock/Jacob Frybergi Otter). I lost 3 of them Sept/08 (Red/Jacob/Tiger) due a Canister Filtration Failer. This led me to this point and the mission was to have an all Male Controlled Over-Stocked Tank and this is why the extremes with this 75gal Tank. I will never go Salt Water because Cichlids Rule and are talked about by all visitors to this house! Let’s keep Cichlid Mania Alive.