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01-17-2003, 08:58 PM
I have a male yellow lab, about 3 inches long. It has a strange flat part on its upper lip, on the left side, that looks like a congenital deformity of some sort. The fish eats normally, but seems to be doing a lot of "open mouth breathing." It has been a shy fish since I first got it, and spent most of its time hiding in the plants and rocks in one corner of the tank. Last night it had what seemed to be a seizure. It flew around the tank several times, then stopped and just floated. It then seemed to come out of it and just hung listlessly where it usually did, in the corner. Upon close inspection, the fish's forehead had what looked like a red vein that came to the surface. (Kind of reminded me of brain scans after a person has a stroke.) By this afternoon, the fish had returned to normal and the vein is no longer visible. This is the second time I have seen the red vein, but only the first time I have seen the seizure. After the seizure, I isolated the fish, fearing it would die. It is still doing some gasping, but this looks severe because of this deformity of the lip (the lips do not close on the left side). It has not eaten in isolation, but I have also not been able to watch it constantly, so this is conjecture.

Could this fish be having strokes? I know they can have seizures, like people, but am concerned that it could also be disease related. Has anyone ever experienced this?

I have tested water and all readings are 0 ppm. The pH is 8.4 (and has been consistently). The nitrates are at 5 ppm. I maintain the tank regularly and change water weekly. No other fish in my tank exhibits any problem.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks, Eileen

01-19-2003, 11:27 PM
sounds like the fish is deformed and should be euthanized(sp?). :(


01-22-2003, 08:08 PM

It did well for the past few days, ate, swam normally, etc. but finally went downhill last night. It didn't eat and wouldn't swim. I was going to euthanize it this morning (since it had recovered once before), but found it dead.

I am saving the body for further anaylsis. There seems to be an unusual section on the forehead, not at all like Hole in the Head, but looks like a serious congenital defect, as well. Upon close inspection, now, I notice this other deformity is connected through tissue to the lip deformity.

That will teach me to choose fish without wearing my glasses. I never really noticed this problem until I had the fish home.