View Full Version : Which African species in a 20?

01-04-2003, 03:37 AM
I am interested in Africans.... I hate reptiles, please tell me you were joking. I'll learn. lol, this is my first time with Africans.
I respect your recomendations and anymore you have.... unless they are about reptiles. I like fish, and I know enough about american cichlids, but the Africans are a whole new world. Thank you for your time.

01-04-2003, 03:45 AM
You need to change your feeding habits (you feeding your fish) with africans. Stay a way from the aforementioned species and you will be fine. Actually if you want an cool tank try a micro tanganyikan tank. Julie Regani...ect And perhaps a Lelelpei or something (see my website for Name)

Denver time it is 3:00 and over new years I worked 29 hours without sleeping so I need to sleeep with my wife for a few. (everyone should try this)...FUN

But anyway I would consider it fun to plan out htings and give you some insight on your African tank.

Be good.......

01-04-2003, 03:55 AM
yeah... I need to sleep too,
I would be honored by your help.
I have never actually fed the red devil any africans... lol, she eats mostly pellets, with the occasional pleco (against my will) and the occasional rosy barb (cheap feeder fish around here). I do look at her as an efective way to remove pest fishes if needed lol, as well as tank decorating... you've never had a tank decorated until you've had a devil do it.
I'll look into a small tank tank tomorow, I only have this spare 20 gallon to use, but I'm sure I can make something small work.



01-04-2003, 04:14 AM
I have been hanging out with my Front....I hand fed her for the firt time tonight!

With a 20 gallon tank you cant have too may species at once, but it wiill be a nice tank.....

Let me know.....

01-04-2003, 03:48 PM
cool, I hand feed my devil from time to time, depending on her mood.
what would you suggest for stocking in the 20, I can find most anything in one of the half million stores in my area... lol.

01-04-2003, 04:20 PM
Julies would be great. Keep in mind if you get more than two adults (mor than one Male more than one female) they will kill eachother. If you get them small you can have more of them until they get older. You will have to move them out of the tank once they pair up.

Julies are as colorful as the aratus if not more....Plus they are neat fish.

Species are as follows

They also will not out grow your tank. WHich is important for you to consider unless you want to get a big tank in the near future (Some grow really fast)

If you like catfish you could get a Synodontis they are neat...

Before you do this you might consider doing some research on feeding habits water parameters (PH level, salt level). PH of 8.0 is recommended and using special salt helps replicate their natural environment (I use cichlid salt and Malawi/Tanganyikan buffer by seachem.

Do a google search on julidochromis and Synodontis and Neolamprologus

What kind of filters are you currently using? You shouldn't need much for a 20 gallon. Filtration is key however...

20 Gallons is pretty small so you shouldn't put to many fish in there. And I would be careful mixing species. Normally with bigger tanks it is suggested to overcrowd Malawis and Tanganyikans, but the smaller the tank the less space they have to make territories thus overcrowding isn't productive (counter productive)

Also as another option you could get a shell dwelling brevis (don't put them together with the Julies)

These are neat because they breed and hide in shells (escargot shells are good for these)

Also it would be a good idea to shop around and look for a store that specialize in Cichlids. Petsmart and Petco are usually slim pickings and have unknowledgeable staff. I am always running into people that are misinformed by their staff and it costs them money and discurages them from the hobbie.

Let me know if you have any other question.....

01-04-2003, 11:33 PM
The 20 gallon just has the standard hang on the back filter, carbon bag, you know the drill.

Petsmart in general has morons throughout.. lol. They have a whole tank of M. Auratus marked as community tropical.. I couldn't believe it, after what you said that is.

There are many small fishstores with experts in them in my area that I go to for the majority of my fish and information.