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02-07-2014, 08:21 PM
Ok here we go again!!! Not sure if this is a fungal infection or not. My last Angel, who recently lost it's mate, is suddenly covered in this white cottony filmy stuff!!! It's on the fins and around the eyes, making his/hers eye look very cloudy. There are areas that you can actually see it peeling off! My major dilemma is we just added a new Angel to the tank!!! GRRRRRRR We had added a couple of babies with a divider a week ago, but the babies did not survive. I had done a water change before adding the babies!

I just did a water change, took the cartridge out of the filter and added some Pimafix. Pimafix treats fungal infections and internal and external bacterial infections! I noticed that the bottle says to treat for 7 days and then do a 25% water change?? I thought 25% water changes were suppose to be done every day during treatments?

I'm thinking the new plant we bought caused the problem! As we were doing the water change tonight we noticed that the plant seemed to have a strange white film on it, which I've actually never seen on any plants we've had in the past!

Anyone's thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

02-12-2014, 09:22 AM
Sorry for the late reply. Are any other fish infected? How did the other fish die? Same problem?

02-12-2014, 02:00 PM
I've been treating with the PimaFix, and so far my new Angel isn't showing any signs of anything! The last 2 Angels I had (before getting this new one) were mates. Not sure how the first one died............it was fine and then suddenly it wasn't! On that one I did not see any signs of that white stuff on him. I watched my last one for weeks and when I didn't see anything, we decided to a new Angel. We came home with the new one and that's when I noticed all the stuff all over my Angel! I did the water change and started treatment and have been treating since!

I noticed that the fern plant we had in there also had the same white stuff all over it and we had just bought it about 2 weeks prior. So we took all live plants out. I really have to wonder if the plant had something to do with it! Although we have never had any problems with any plants we have bought in the past, but it now makes me a little leery of putting any in there again!