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02-29-2004, 04:45 PM
my tank started with 3 electric yellows - they lived happily for a few weeks (although 1 had less color and was less active). i then purchased 6 black convicts (3 male, 3 female) - as i've since learned this was a huge mistake.... although the yellows were over twice the size the convicts constantly harassed each other and the yellows.... within a week the paler yellow became less and less active until he died.... i then returned 4 of the convicts and am left with 2 females (no aggression problems remaining).... one of the remaining 2 yellows has been getting paler and paler each day, with less and less activity.... she is now cowering in either the top of bottom corner of the tank, and is not eating.... (she has no physical signs of being ill other than her lack of activity and eating)

the yellow is getting progressively worse - any ideas on what could be wrong? is it possible that the stress from the time with the convicts weakened her so bad that she is not able to recover?

(on a side note the 2 yellows used to school together a fair bit - since one has become sick the other one will not go near it anymore)

03-01-2004, 12:49 AM
this happening could be many different reasons..for one yes convicts should not be kept with yellows..and that many to boot..

I myself have a convict in with electric blues..and they fight a bit but each have there own place in the tank..so its works for now..

So are you saying that this tank has only been up and running for the few weeks?
what are all your Ns and Ns,Ph etc..any idea.. what are you feeding them?
All these fish in the 55gal?..

..Id get her out of there if you want any chance of survival. sounds like she scared. look at it this way she had her spot all picked out and now shes been pushed aside..Possible with he one before she never had her space..so she was left out and stressed. the convicts rule most tanks..mine takes up more than half for himself..
Then again you could have got sick fish..you have only had them 3 weeks..this is possible..

hope this helps..i would get her out now!..
good luck


03-01-2004, 12:54 AM
something else ive learnt, when adding more fish rearrange the tank a bit..to allow for the new fish..you will know there is not much room for all if one or 2 are hovering in the corner to themselves.Cichlids NEED hiding spots, the amount of fish you have you would need alot..something to concider here.

Chris Garrett
03-01-2004, 07:45 AM
Try feeding pepso or other parasite medicated feed.Also dried blood worms.My little yellow was having problems and Tom or???,sorry his name slipped my mind,Told me to try the blood worms and my little guy started eating again.Not alot still but he looks fine.I turned the heat up some to 79-80 I believe?And he came around.I don't know if that was the ting to do or not but it didn't hurt?Good luck.

03-01-2004, 01:30 PM
thanks for the feedback - to clarify a few points....

- the tank has been running for 10 weeks (5 weeks without the cichlids as a cycle)
- it's a 65 gallon not a 55 (too many numbers to keep track of) :)
- all levels have been steady since they were introduced: pH 7.6, ammonia 0, nitrite 1ppm, nitrate 5ppm, gh/kh 120/105 (weekly 25% water changes)
- each time i added fish i moved around all the rocks/plants/clay pots

unfortunately i don't have another tank to move her to and I can't afford one right now... :( i'll give the bloodworms a try right now - hopefully if i dump them on top of where she is cowering she will eat them before the others catch on....

one thing that crossed my mind (wishful thinking perhaps) - could she be spawning? i can't notice anything in her mouth but perhaps that is why she isn't eating..... (wouldn't explain her hiding tho - i've read they get more aggressive when holding young)

any more suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.....

03-01-2004, 06:59 PM
after watching her most of the day i discovered she is missing sizeable chunks of her rear and front fins - it was hard to notice the damage until she "flared" her fins to swim towards some food....

i've been keeping the others busy in 1 corner with large floating pellets while i've been dumping some spirulina flakes and bloodworms in the other corner.... on the bright side she's eating, on the down side i don't know if it will be enough....

is there some "tank friendly" medication i can add to aid in her recovery? (without impacting the others) what about a plastic "tank within a tank" to keep her isolated from the others?

03-01-2004, 11:26 PM
you have got to get her out of that tank!! I know how you feel Ive been there..desperate to save her yet no where to put her..is there any way you can buy a 5gal setup,they are not that expensive..
I bought one 5.5 for 15 bucks(just tank) new, and a heater 20 bucks, borrowed a filter and added a air stone as well...
She did fine, used the same water from the main tank..

You have to treat her right away..Do you have Melafix?..works well for cuts, wounds, sores, ulsers fin and tail damage etc..
So this way a secondary infection does not set in, being fungus for starters will nail its host very quickly!

Go to your LFS and see what they have as far as meds..Mardel products are great Maracyn and Maracyn 2 you would need.
I would not wait much longer if you have any chance for her to survive..it sounds bad..

Good luck hope this helps..