View Full Version : Boomer my Managuense/Jaguar Cichlid isn't improving I need help

02-29-2004, 12:30 AM
Ok I've done two additional water changes two 30% water changes and yesterday started feeding him after not feeding him for three days....He'll eat but still doesn't appear to recognize me and even apears to be genuinely affraid of me this is in extreme contrast to how he was, He use to get excited just like a dog when I walked into the room and would swim up to me immediately when I approached his tank now he does his best to get away from me...is it possible the amonia poisoning caused brain damage to the extent he truely doesn't know me or who I am any more???

Theres no more amonia and his waters clear also no Ph, And If I had to summarize the way he acts I'd have to say hes like a totally different fish now..Please help to what ever extent you can I'd appreciate it a great deal I want boomer back hes not the same fish anymore