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09-04-2002, 06:09 PM
My qestion about the disease is a bit off topic for i dont need to knw how to cure it but rather what causes it. Also, is this nasty rumor ive heard of livee food making my fish much more prone to the disease true ot just nasty?

09-04-2002, 06:23 PM

Actually anything that you add to your stable tank increases the risk of disease. That is the reason for quarentine tanks. Feeders are often goldfish which have a higher than average disease rate to start with and when you add them to your tank often your fish get sick. I learned this lesson after losing an 18 inch arrowana and a 12 in oscar, about ten years ago. They were the only fish in the tank and both had beenfine for a couple years.

If you really want to feed live food try setting up a 30 gallon tank and putting in a bunch of guppies or other live bearers. Watch the tankfor a few weeks and if there is no sign on disease start feeding the fish from that tank. depending on what kind of fish you are feeding you may need more or less guppies to start with to keep up with demand.

After the initial set up you can feed your fish disease free and for free as well.


Cichlid Jeans
09-09-2002, 03:24 PM
[quote:c24a2c5233="LiquidReligion"]...is this nasty rumor ive heard of livee food making my fish much more prone to the disease true ot just nasty?[/quote:c24a2c5233]

I have an ich-infected tank at present, so feel eminently qualified to contribute. :oops:

Live feeder fish won't make your fish more prone to ich, but will probably increase the number of ich infections -- if that makes any sense. This is because the feeder fish will almost certainly be infected with the ich parasite (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), whether they show it or not, and the little borers will be hard on the lookout for new hosts.

Ich is present in all fish populations, and if it isn't visible, that's just because the fish are otherwise healthy and their immune systems are successfully preventing an ich bloom in that particular environment. If you present the ich with a new environment (e.g. sticking a feeder fish from the LFS in your tank), it may take off like a rocket.

When ich takes off, some of your fish may show no signs of infection. That's because the slime coating on healthy fish is a pretty effective barrier against ich and a host of other parasites (otherwise, natural selection being what it is, we wouldn't have any fish whatsoever!) The fish that do show signs of infection are the ones which were experiencing stress to start with -- stress from water quality issues, background bacterial infections, abrasion, aggression, pH or temperature swings, low oxygen levels, and so on.

So it looks like you have two options: keep stress out, or feed 'em flake :lol: But of course, there's really only one solution, because if your fish are stressed, they'll get ich (or something else) spontaneously, even if you aren't throwing guppies in :!:

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