View Full Version : Cycled 110g and had 0 ammonia whole time!!

01-20-2004, 09:34 AM
Thats right after 3 weeks my 110g is fully cycled with my ammonia being 0. Before i had my 110g setup i got my ehiem 2028 early and stuck it on my 33g for 3 weeks. Once my 110g was ready, i added 16 little cichlids (i wanted to keep the load small since i wasnt sure how the tank was going to cycle) and the ehiem 2028. Well 3 weeks gone by (no water changes) and my ammonia and nitrite were 0 the whole time, and today i tested for nitrates and i have 20ppm! :dance: So time for a water change and trip to the LFS for some more fish.

So if anyone is starting a tank go out and by your filter and stick it on a friends tank for a few weeks.

01-20-2004, 01:01 PM
Definitely speeds things up...... keep in mind, though, that a tank cycles to its existing bio-load and no more.... the bio-floral correlates to the waste level..... you may still see a spike when you increase the bio-load (as your other tank may have seen when you removed the Eheim)..... often these things are imperceptible, but if you add three or four large fish you'll certainly see it..... I doubt that will be the case with you, though, as you are obviously taking a very thoughtful and measured approach!