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01-13-2004, 06:11 AM
Hello Everyone

Ok they other day I came down to feed my fish and filter was not working right. So all my fish looked like they where running out of air and some looked like they where dieing. (One did today)
I did checked the water and the Nitrites where a little high and so where the Nitrates. So I did a big water change and (50%-75%) and now today I noticed that some of my fish are breathing heavely and a couple have there fins all closed up, my tiawan reef is like doing this coughing thing, fins all closed up color is faded, breathing funny, not swimming just hovering in one place, and not really eating. these signs are what some of the other fish are showing just not as bad Please any help on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Are there any good medications out there that really do work, it seems that when you start treating a tank is when your fish really start to die. Please help me:(


01-13-2004, 08:21 AM
I know your pain... Sometimes I become a hypochondriac for my fish. :D You have to remember not to panic and just do what you can. Are you using the standard 1tbsp salt per 5 gallons of water? And you neutralized any chlorine or chloramine in your water?

Get a new filter asap... Preferrably the same kind so you can switch media and quickly reseed any biological colonies that you have.

Are they flashing (rubbing against rocks)? Look VERY closely at your fish. Take note of any scale abnormalities, look in their mouths if you can, really look at their fins, gills and their bellies (any swelling, abnormal or no waste). Pay special attention to their mouths and gills & fins. What do you normally feed them? Have you recently added any new fish? Have there been any temperature or ph fluctuations? How long has the tank been set up?

01-13-2004, 09:40 AM
Hello cichgirl

Yes I did neutralize chlorine and chloramine I used aquaplus and Prime. I have noticed once in a while rubbing against rock not often. no swelling my one fish had some kind of white stringy poop. I feed them a variety of foods, pellets, flakes, frozen brine. tank has been set up for about 2 yrs. Most recent fish 2-3 months ago only lost one of those fish, and it was to whatever this problem is. None of the fish I got where sick. Fluctuations in ph and temperature may have occured when I did the waterchange. Other then that I can't really think of anything else let me know if you can think of anything it might be and thanks for your help:)


01-13-2004, 10:15 AM
Try feeding them peas. The white stringy poop isn't right.
The poop should be brown or the same color as the food. Take frozen peas and thaw them. Pop the skin off and chop up the meat of the pea. Feed them to all of the fish after a short fast of one or two days. That would help flush them out..

Clamped fins and breathing heavy - I would raise the salt 1 tbsp for 5 gallons of water and SLOWLY raise the temperature to 80-82 degrees F. Careful with the water changes. Temperature change is stressful. Get a thermometer and use it during water changes (I use a digital meat thermometer)- make sure that the water you are changing is less than 2 degrees off.

I hope this helps you... Good luck!

01-13-2004, 12:40 PM
white, stringy poop is often a sign of intestinal parasites...i would feed them an antiparasite food like jungle's pepso.

01-13-2004, 12:55 PM
I second that -- great call, sgm! :D

I have used pepso & it does work.

01-13-2004, 11:22 PM
Hi everyone

thank you so much for your input. I went to my local fish store had them test for everything, my Nitrites where fine, Nitrates where 20ppm he said not to worry about that but my Ammonia was high and that's really not good:( about there behavor he said they probably have an internal bacterial problem and told me to get Primafix (not sure on the spelling) He said it was good stuff it treats fungus and internal bacteria, So what I did was went home and he told me to do another 25% waterchange so I did that, put the medicine in the tank, up the salt change the filter media, put in Chemi-pure charcol, new filter flaws, I left the sponges as they looked good still and change half the bio-media. Up the salt in the aquarium, put in Jungle Ammonia ride tablets, and Prime. Oh yeah I up the air with air stones, So the fish are now looking a little better it's been a few hrs since I have done all this, What do you guys think did I do the right stuff can you think of anything I may have missed? Oh yeah and I am not suppose to feed for 4-5 days so should I just skip feeding them the peas for now?


01-14-2004, 05:12 AM

01-14-2004, 06:12 AM
Is it possible that while your filter was not running right, you killed enough of the biological filter off that you are now experiencing a small re-cycle? That would account for some of the syptoms you mention and the high ammonia.

01-14-2004, 07:09 PM
that's definitely a possibility.

01-15-2004, 01:49 AM
Thanks for all your replies so for they look good, although I did lose one female Peacock last night but I expected her to go she really didn't look good:( But everyone else looks like there getting better so far, I'll knock on wood for that and keep my fingers crossed. Talk to you all later:)