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05-07-2009, 02:22 PM
Hello everyone, I've got some young laetacara (I think dorsigera, but I'm not 100%) that I am looking to eventually give away.

My mother wanted one of them. I offered to get her set up with a tank and everything so it gets done right. If I am just giving her one, would a 10-gal work? I know they are cichlids but they stay pretty darn small (my adults are about 2.5" and 2"). And what size would I need if wanted to add some other fish (small tetras or platies or something)?


05-10-2009, 08:48 AM
Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

I would not go with less than a 24" x 12" base tank (standard 15 gallons or 20 high), for one Laetacara or for a pair. A single fish will not color up, and without breeding color, they are pretty bland looking. You likely have either dorsigera or curviceps, as these two are almost equally available, and both can reach about 3". Laetacara are more aggressive than most "Dwarf" species, and dithers in a 15 would be chased a lot. If you use a high 20, a few medium size Tetras would work; Platies are from harder, more alkaline conditions and probably would not do as well. Lemons, Serpae, Black Phantoms are all somewhat attractive; A school of 6-8 of any one would work nicely.