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11-22-2003, 03:36 PM
Hi all, my husband just got a great deal on a used tank & stand!! :dance: My question is as the title states-- how the heck does this filter work?? I've looked through websites and haven't found any info that I need. Mostly, the sites are Amiracle sales... The tank was previously used for salt water, and I am sure that I can use this filter with freshwater. It has the bio balls, an intake into a cylinder and I assume that it fills that then flows through the balls and then out over the top. I have never used one of these before. It came with no directions, and I am stumped... Does anyone know of any informative sites on function and/or maintenance for these buggers? Am I supposed to use a sponge or anything? Any help is very much appreciated! I could always just go buy another couple of filters, but I like to expand my horizons when I can...

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11-23-2003, 11:00 PM
Basic wet/dry function, but if you could show a picture I could give specific directions.

How about stealing a picture from one of those sales links you found?

11-24-2003, 09:23 AM
Thank you chc,
The tank is 49 gallon bowfront.
In a sense, this is it, but I think I got an older model (it came free with the tank). The differences are that the bio balls are in the center (I think about 1 gallon worth of balls) and there is a clear plastic cylinder where the one pictured has a prefilter. The cylinder has a plate in the center and pvc pipe drilled about 4" below water line and extending up and over the top of the filter and fixed to plastic tubing that extends about 4" into the tank below the water line. I assume that I should put some media into the cylinder like batting/floss/etc to cut down on large particles getting into the balls... I just don't know if it should go over the plate or under it.. :D It is fun to figure out though.

The other side of the bio ball compartment is about 4 inches wide (overflow?) extends the whole height of the filter - it starts level with the pump, and the pump is directly below the bio balls in the bottom compartment. It is a hang on back filter, about 4" wide and 17" long. The lfs where we got it (used) knew nothing about it - but they don't specialize in salt water & don't sell that filter. I am getting a digital camera and will try to get a picture uploaded to show you. You probably can't do much of anything w/ my description. For the time being I just got a couple of filters from my 75 in storage...

Here's one of the links w/ a picture (from a store) that I found-- any information I found from other sites didn't pertain directly to my filter - they did, however help me understand a little bit of how these things work. They sound really great for freshwater and easy to use once it's set up.

Thanks for your help...

11-25-2003, 09:08 AM
I still can't picture the difference between your description and the picture, but basically it sounds like the cylinder is for a protein skimmer which you don't need in fresh water. Also, floss pads should go upstream of the bio-balls and before any drip plate. With all wet dry filters, you don't want to submerge the bio-balls (that would be a wet/wet filter!). Just make sure most of them are not exposed to more water than that which trickles over them from the drip plate.

Sorry I couldn't help more; try to get that digital picture!

12-01-2003, 11:41 AM
Sorry it took so long, I was making rather merry over Thanksgiving! I have uploaded them to webshots. I'm still getting used to the new camera, so if you need any special areas - let me know and I'll put them up... I can't wait to get started taking pix of my fishes!!!

Yes, you are right, I found out the cylinder is for a protein skimmer, and I don't need it. Now I just want to know how this thing works. I see where I would put the floss pads, but I'm not sure where everything goes from there. There is a little pump under the bio balls, and an additional pump supplied by the seller. Thank you very much for any help at all!!