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10-17-2002, 02:17 PM
I am looking to try something different.....I would like my new set up to look somewhat as if it were a salt water arrangement i.e. fish with a wide veriety of amazing colors and so forth..... I have never taken care of cichlids before other than Oscars. I was thinking about the african cichlids. Any advice on species? I have read some info on the subject and some of it seems to be contradicting. Is it true that african cichlids can not not be put with south americans? What if I want to put a puffer in with them? Also what about a black ghost clown?

10-17-2002, 04:04 PM
I don't think those fish would work, http://www.cichlidrecipe.com/cichlidchart/flashchartd.html see for yourself. Also there are many fish with alsome colors, you need to study up a little and surf the net. I just went out and bought my first Cichlids, and now since I have been surfing the net I have found so many that I would trade any day for the ones I have now. Try searching (Mbuna Cichlids) at google.com. There are alot of colors in these fish, alot of Blue. I really like them. You also need at least a 30 gallon tank just to hold Dwarf's. But normal Cichlids it best to have at least a 50. There is alot that has to go into Cichlids. :D

10-17-2002, 06:32 PM
welcome hawklee! :D ya know most puffers like to bite big chunks out of their tankmates. i don't advocate mixing americans with africans because they have different water requirements(like ph) and they have different social dynamics(where a quivering body may mean "get out out of my territory" to an african, an american might think that i means "hi--come share my space"...resulting in bloody murder! :nervous:

10-17-2002, 08:11 PM
Hiya Hawklee -

Gypsy is right (heh :) ) courtship and territorial displays by africans, could mean something entirely different to a south american cichlid. Trying to mix the two could be a recipe for disaster. Differences in water chemistry throws another wrench in the mix.

If you can't live without puffers, I'd suggest a nice brackish or fish-only salt water tank. At least the other fish in the tank would have a fighting chance.