View Full Version : Question about a smaller tank on an angle iron stand

10-12-2003, 07:45 AM
I got and extra tank stand that will eventually house my 30L and a 40gal breeder tank than I have yet to pick up. The stand is 36"x18" with only 1.5" wide angle iron on the top. The bottom "rack" is the same but it has iron supports going across the middle. I'm placing 1/2" veneer core plywood across both racks. While I'm waiting on getting my 40gal for the top rack I was thinking of placing my 29gal on the top rack.

Will the 1/2" plywood be enough to support the 29gal tank as it will only have the support strength of the plywood and the back 1.5" piece of angle iron?

10-14-2003, 10:54 AM
It would probably hold, but the problem would be with the plywood warping a bit. That may then stress the seams of the silicone on the 29, and you may end up with a slow leak. It is very important to provide a stable and level base for a tank (almost as important as providing something sturdy).

That said, I have done much the same thing before but only with 3/4" or thicker wood (and in a fish room where a leak wouldn't be a big deal).

Any chance you could double up the wood?