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01-19-2008, 12:23 AM
Well not really i was on here for a while and just fell off for a while but im back and with a new tank bigger than ever it was a 120 that i used for salt for about 3 months and it got to be to high to maintain but i have always had luck with my cichlid babys i love 'em so much But so im back hopefully after a week or two it will be back up with minor fish in place... here is the tank specs :

48" odyssea lighting setup here is the specs for it i love it i took it to my work and used it on our planted tanks up there for a while but here are the specs let me know what you think it really kicked but at my store on the 120 up there: LIGHT SPECIFICATIONS

- (2) 65 watt 12,000K Bulbs (straight pin)
- (2) 65 watt 03 True Actinic Bulbs (straight pin)
- (8) LED Moonlights / (4) pair
- (2) Fold back leg stands for easy access to your aquarium
- (2) Cooling fans
- Aluminum alloy shell (black in color)
- Acrylic splash guard
- German reflector
- Independent power cords and switches to replicate dusk to dawn
- Dimensions - 47.25 Long X 7 Wide X 2.50 High
it has grown some massive corals....
But it runs at about 107 degrees F i sizzle my arms once a week i have a low grade heater ( I live in Texas it's HOT) keeps the tank perfectly at 74.8
2X 80 gallon Emperor Bioweel 2X maxi jet 600 with rotating current standards it will have about a 3 1/2 inch bed in it not to fully planted but i want some really cool fish i used to have oscars for years (i have had fish for 17 years in counting i am fully addicted now and 21, thanks Career point ) but yes they do rip plants up i was thinking maybe some rams and barbs with a shark or tow thrown in the mix but i would like some thoughts from ya'll and ya'lls $.2 is very welcome

01-19-2008, 09:18 AM
wow sounds like you got everything but the fish!! keep us posted with your progress!!

01-19-2008, 08:16 PM
okay the water is still cold but no colder than at my work(the power went out today) so i went and got my old Nimbochromis venustus back and some fire mouth covict highbrids that used to live with him so im gonna let'em float and let'em go i have lots of gravle in but no rocks for them to hide in soon though soon i'll put pics up asap