View Full Version : She jumped right out of the tank!

10-03-2003, 09:48 PM
My poor little Jewel....

As I've been sooo worried about losing my fish due to Hurricane Isabel and the week long power outage......I only lost two.

Then, after I got my tanks back to normal, and the fish were doing great, I was missing my female Jewel. I searched and searched...nothing. How could that be??.....she was in with a male jewel and a pair of mellow yellow labs. I didnt think these guys would have killed and eaten her, but my mind was made up that thats what happend.....until yesterday. I pulled the bean bag chair in front of the tank out to vaccuum behind it....and there she was. :( The tank is fully covered with the exception of the cut outs for the filter and heater. Guess she did it during feeding time, and I didnt notice. :rolleyes: I feel so bad!!!
Now my male is acting funny....doing the up and down the glass thing. He never did this before. Its almost as if he wants to get out to find her....I know that may sound silly, but thats what it seems like to me. I want to get 2 females, but cannot find any as big as he is in any of the LPS. How likely is it that if I put smaller ones in there that he will accept them and not hurt them??.....Of course I will change the decorations around when I do this....and I plan to move the yellows out. I know its not an easy thing to introduce new cichlids to a tank always....Im just new to Jewels, and am not really familiar with the aggression factor with these guys.

10-03-2003, 10:38 PM
You might want to move him out for awhile, move the decorations around, then let the smaller females establish themselves. After they do, then add him back to the tank.

I had some loaches go carpet surfing awhile back. They swam up into the power filters and then flipped out onto the floor.