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07-05-2007, 06:13 AM
I can get a Coralife F/W T-5 Aqualight Double Strip Light-48" for $52 (The Coralife F/W Aqualight T-5 is a double lamp fixture ideal for freshwater and planted aquariums. Includes one Colormax Full Spectrum and one 6700K T-5 (5/8 diameter) fluorescent lamp. Features an on/off switch, a built in electronic ballast, sleek black aluminum housing, a highly polished reflector, acrylic lens cover and adjustable width tank mounts. T-5 lamps are 28 watts each.)

Or I can get All-Glass Single Deluxe Strip Light- 48" for the same price (The All-Glass Strip-Light is a replacement light for Versa-Hoods and Full Hoods or it can be used wherever extra lighting is needed. These Fluorescent models feature internally mounted ballasts with an instant-start circuit that allows you to operate the light on a timer or switch controlled outlet. Deluxe models come with polished aluminum reflectors and full length tubes).

I don't need a double strip at all but maybe T-5s are better?
Any pros and cons to both types?

malawi haps
07-05-2007, 07:25 AM
T5's are the new flouresent they are smaller than your standard t 12 and produce more light .If you had a reef tank or a planted tank and wanted more watts per gallon I wpuld suggest t5's but if you have a fish only tank the standard t 12 fixture will be ok .It really comes down to 2 factors 1 cost.2 prefrence.My self I would go with t5 if was cheaper (usually not the case) and due to it will produce more light from the same length bulb.The only draw back I can think of wich will not be the case in the near future is the standard t12 has been out for so long the diffrent spectrum bulbs are easier to find than the t5 and will usually be less exspensive.

07-05-2007, 10:57 AM
I would go with the Coralife system just because of the low price. I believe t-8s are standard in the AGA fixtures now. Generally t-5s will tend to be a little warmer, but @ only 28 watts it shouldn't be a problem. T-5s will be quite a bit more to replace, but ideally they should last well over a year. I do love the color spectrum of the standard AGA bulbs tho.

07-10-2007, 07:47 PM
I pied nearly 90$ for the F/w t-5 your talking about.

personaly I love the colormax bulb and daylight combo.
I also have an actinic t5 that I swap out on ocasion. but I like the effect of the colormax. my tank is a 100 gallon, non planted. and for the first 6 months of use, the bulbs were blinding.

07-11-2007, 01:52 PM
Rob's right - the All-Glass bulb is one of the nicest, brightest spectrums among standard flourescent lighting.
That being said, I prefer the T5's intensity and would probably spend the extra money on it, but being that it's available at the same price as the AG, I say there's no question the T5 is the way to go. I'm certain that the T5 reflector is much more efficient as well. As for finding bulbs, if you don't have an LFS nearby who carries them, they are readily available online (and probably cheaper than buying locally).

07-14-2007, 03:38 PM
I replaced my old lighting with the new T-5 and I love it makes my tank look so nice. It is the way to go and the bulbs are really not that expensive to replace.