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05-07-2007, 11:23 AM
I've been wanting to put sand in my tank, but the lady at petco said it might not be a good idea because it harbors bacteria, is hard to clean, and that you need a heavy duty filtration system. I am getting a Rena xp3 filter and wanted to know if that would be okay. Also how exactly do you clean the sand? Also will my the fish that I have like this. I have 1 jack dempsy, 3 green sevrum, 1 green terror,two red zebra, 1 pleco, 1 uaru, and 1 convict. A few of these fish like to dig and move rocks around will they be able to enjoy the sand.

Second question, I've been feeding my fish red leaf lettuce and they seem to love it. Is this okay to be feeding them?

05-07-2007, 11:59 AM
Sand is fine for a tank. I use it in my tanks. A big problem can be getting sand sucked into the filter. It can destroy the pumps of the filter. More specifically the impellas. I keep my intakes high up for that reason. You can also put a sponge or something similar (panty hose) over the intake to keep the sand out.
The fish you have will probably dig in the sand or gravel when they are large enough. Keeping your intake too low, will cause a problem.
As for keeping the sand clean. Since very little, if any crap, penatrates the sand it is always visable. I siphon off the top of the sand with each water change. It takes some getting used to, as you can suck up a lot of sand also, but I'm now able to get most of the crap up with little sand also sucked up.

King Pacu
01-06-2008, 03:03 PM
sand is okay for your tank. i have sand in my 55g. my convict and oscar seem to like it. i say sand is better than gravel to a certain extent to me. about cleaning i really don't have to clean it. my oscar and convict really doesn't let anything settle on the sand. the only downfall about sand is when the fish get startled or in my case start fighting they stir up the sand making the water cloudy.