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08-13-2003, 09:56 PM
I bought my first pair of Jewels today, and I love them already! I put them in my 55 with my mbuna and peacocks for now, until I can move some other fish around to give then thier own 29 gallon. I was amazed at how quickly the "made themselves at home"! The mbuna of course chased them around some, so I changed the tank rocks and stuff around to try to take some of the heat of of them. Afterwards, the little 2 inch jewels were chasing the 4 inch mbuna around! I couldn't believe it! I put a net in to try and catch some of the smaller fish I was going to move, and one of the jewels swam right at the net, and began to pick at it....even went in it and hung around. Not afraid at all...as all the other fish scattered.
Anyway, I have a few questions....... is a 29 going to be sufficiant for these guys, and how many can I put in a 29 ? (thinking about getting 2 or 3 more).
Since they come from the river, instead of the rift lakes, would they like more water movement than normal, or does it really matter?
Ive read not to keep them with other africans because of the aggression facter....is this true?
When will they be mature enough to spawn? (about what size?)
I think I got a male and female....one is more blue (male?), and the other is more pale, but with brighter red (female?).


08-27-2003, 03:22 PM
dear angel,
I am interested in mixing jewels which other africans so I am interested in your experience. Keep us posted. You may wish to review my post on "how the tell the sex of fish" in this forum

08-27-2003, 03:34 PM
It's been two weeks since I've had the jewels in with the mbuna.....so far so good except my female Rusty has had it in for the female jewel for some reason, so I removed the rusty, and things seem to be working out well. No one else in the tank has picked on the jewels, and the jewels dont pick on anyone. Seems like they are going to do ok so far. The only really aggressive mbuna in the tank now are the johanni, but since they are both male, they pick on each other and leave everyone else alone. I think the jewels can hold thier own...they did with the mean rusty, but I didnt want to take any chances.