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02-13-2007, 04:17 PM
Hi Guys,

Been running my Rena xp1 now for a few weeks, finally got the damn hoses on properly.

I had some black colored looking algae on some of my rocks, which seems to have cleared up (on them).

Now inside my rena intake and outake tubes, i see full of black spots... which seem to be cloning themselves.

Would this be black algae?

The situation does not seem to be improving. (I'm due for a media change sooner than later, a little afraid of what i might find inside the canister.

Water flow doesn't seem impeded at the moment.

I also have an aquaclear 50 on the tank. (small tank, many fish, wrong mix) ( A nightmare in itself that needs to be resolved)

Whats the best way to get this crap out of my tubes? If indeed it is black algae.




I have a 25 Gallon tank with the follwing in it:

3 yellow labs.

(one i would imagine through trying to identify as he looks different from the other two would be from lions cove. 1 is very big, he was the dominant one. Another has very black dorsal fin and side fins and is just a little smaller, and the smallest one just looks wierd... oddly shaped compared to the others.. is always afraid, and i guess becuase he doesn't eat as much is not growing as fast))

2 Red Kadango (sp?)

1 Albino Zebra <none of my other fish even attempt to intimidate it>

1 Venestus

1 orange colored fish < not sure what he is.. he is orange with black banding running vertically across his body>

1 plecko <he is very very small he hasn't grown much compared to the others>

anyways, The Zebra is untouched.. goes where he wants when he wants and other move over for him.

My Orange fish used to be dominated by the biggest yellow lab, i.e. The lab would come up to the orange fish (then fan water on him) and the orange fish would run away. If the orange fish is in a cave and the Lab comes.. he will move out.

Well i came home from work the other day,.. after two months of being harrased, i guess the orange fish had enough.

The Lab had the orange fish in his mouth (they are approx same size) and was drilling into him... trying to tear a piece out i would imagine... and the Orange fish kept swimming strong in a close death spiral. I tapped the glass and they stopped... but continued throughout the night with the Orange fish always instigating,... hunting for the once dominant yellow lab.

Now my Yellow lab is very afraid to come out.. he hides in an ornament... if i put food in he will not venture out to eat.. if he is lucky a peice of food will drift down near the opening and he will snatch it up.

anyways wrong fish mix, small tank, big problems.

I'm planning on getting a bigger tank, as soon as the budget allows, but imagine it won't do much good with these fish together. I imagine as a group they cannot thrive and flourish together.. or even happily co-exist...

jesus... what have i done...

02-15-2007, 12:56 PM
Algea and other biological growth will grow in the tubes. You have to clean them once in a while. Some LFS will sell a bush with fishing line attached. You feed the fishing line through the tube and pull the brush through. You can also make one yourself, its not that hard. Soemtime the algea doesnt get removed by the brushes. In that case I put th etubes ion the tub the tube to make sure the tubes are covered and add some bleach to th e water. This will kill anything in the tubes. Make sure to rins ethe tubes very well afterward to remove the bleach. If you smell bleach keep rinsing the tubes.

What do you mean by media change?
The media should be rinsed well in tank water and then reusued. i Clean my canister about once a month. I also keep a HOB on all tanks and clean thaose with every water change.

As far as the tank goes. Its too small for most if not all of those fish. TThe fish you have will all grow to at least 5 inches. Some like the venustus will grow much larger. The aggresion will conntinue until one fish is left. Sorry to tell you this but cichlids needroom. If they dont have enough they will kill other fish to get it.