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02-02-2007, 09:38 AM
I have a month old 55 gallon tank, housing 8 danios ( I used them, along with bio spera to cycle the tank - worked like a charm!!), a pleco & 20 assorted juvi tangs (all between an inch to inch and a half long).

Filtration is a whisper 70 HOB & a fluval 304.

I ahve been doing 20-25 % water changes weekly.

My first quesiton is this: can I get away with doing the water changes every other week?? For instance, today is my water change day. I jsut tested water parameters: ammonia & nitrite are zero, nitrates between 5 & 10 ppm. Do I need to do the water change, or can I try a biweekly schedule?? Don't want to "mess with success", but also cqan use one less task on my to do list!!

Second question: Since the fish are mostly all juveniles, I feed twice a day (not a ton). Feeding Tetra cichlid flakes, as the pellets just float on the top & are ignored. My question may be dumb, but why do some of the fish take the flake int heir mouth, than spit it all out?? Seems to happen a lot. Just wondering.

Thanks for any & all help for this cichlid newbie!!

02-02-2007, 09:50 AM
As far as the water changes go, you are going to be watching your nitrates in order to figure out a schedule. I'm not sure what the best target for tangs are (probably less than 20 ppm like most cichlids). When you get to 20, do your water change. That way you know when the best time to change your water is. Also be very careful to read your instructions on your nitrate kit. If it's a liquid mix kit you need to follow the directions exactly or else your results will not be accurate.

Spitting food out could be just about anything from a sickness (are they acting sick otherwise?) or just that it's a new food for them. Are your fish vegetarian? What is the protein content in the flakes? They could also be backed up... :)

02-02-2007, 11:07 AM
I would continue to do weekly water changes regardless of your nitrates. Tangs like good clean water. I havent tested for nitrates in long time. I know with weekly water changes ( i do 50% at a time), that my nitrates are never a concern. Better safe then sorry. Just make sure the PH and temp are the same when doing water changes. Tangs are as sensitive as can be, plus they usually arent cheap.
Also, your fish will grow faster with more water changes. I know some breeders who change their water twice a week 50 % at a time.

Remember that as your fish grow, so does their waste. Maybe now your nitrates are 5-10 PPm, but in a couple of months it could easily be 30 to 40ppm in the same amount of time.