View Full Version : filtering a lower rack tank

fish speaker
01-26-2007, 03:04 PM
I have several racks that allow for tanks on the lower level, close to the floor. For most, I use HOB filters, which is fine when the lower-level tank isn't too big. I have a couple that I will be setting up soon that will be 125 gallons. I had thought about using Rena XP3 filters, but the manual indicates that the filter needs to be at least 24" below the water level in the tank in order to operate correctly. My guess is that the flow rate would be reduced if the canister were not far enough below the tank. I will have about 2' beside the tank, on the same level, for any external filtration. I may just use a wet/dry, but may run into some issues due to drop to the filter on that, too. Anyway, any recommendations for filtration in this setting?