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05-06-2003, 10:25 PM
Are 2 Emperors 400 Enough filtration for it??? I have 1 Power head moving the water around on top. Its Demensions are 39x19x20.. I picked it up for 175 Tank and Stand...

How long will it take if i took water from a 55 gallon and I switched the BioWheels for already used ones from the 55 Gallon.. I need to know the soonest because i have 2 midas that need to be moved to there new temporary home well at least temp for one of them hehe :)

What should I use as decor I did drift wood and plants with a big pot in the 55 Gallon but I dont know if the midas really like it they seem extremely happy but I dont know if they are just acting they are evil when im not in the room my Red Devil is about 4 Inches and my Yellow Midas is about 3.5 Inches...

I just bought some MarineLand Bio Blend food anyone use it?? I bought the cichlid version of course my Midas eat it but my oscar spits it out -__- I guess its just selective taste hehe... anyways I have the 65 Cycling and hopefully get those midas in there asap :)

:dance: :dance:

05-08-2003, 04:19 PM
If you use the bio-wheels off an existing tank and siphon most of the 55 gallons into the new tank, you should be able to move your two fish right in. They're tough fish, and all you should see is a short "mini-cycle" as your new tank gets run in.

As far as decor is concerned, it's really up to you. My preference usually is for a strictly functional tank (and the fish are just as comfortable there). A VERY THIN layer of gravel (just enough to cover the bottom) will make cleaning much easier and less detritus will accumulate there. Driftwood often leaches tanins, etc. into the water that affect water quality (especially softening it which Central American cichlids don't generally like), so I prefer not to use it in a functional tank. I stick to flowerpots for the smaller guys and big ceramic pipe (the type used for chimneys) for the bigger fish. You can move that stuff around very easily as needed. A setup like that is really ideal if you don't mind the appearance as it simplifies the maintenance duties dramatically.

Just a comment about your filtration question. The two Emperors will work great (but nothing is a substitute for water changes), but I suggest you use your powerhead along the BOTTOM of your tank to stir up wastes so that the Emperors can pick them up better. Also, buy some PolyFilter, and cut it into strips that fit inside the media containers of the Emperors. Place a piece of micron pad over the PolyFilter to keep it from clogging too quickly and close the media container up to keep everything inside. The PolyFilter will give you a good deal of insurance during your "mini-cycle" period, and the micron will polish the water.

05-08-2003, 06:45 PM
Thankz chc

A question tho about the micron pads what exactly are they and is it like something i could just pick up at Petsmart or is it something u guys use thats good that isnt fish oriented... Ill move the power head to the bottom soon good idea and well i had a lil problem the Red Devil was chasing my other midas around the tank constantly and he started hiding in the top left corner of the tank while the Red Devil ruled the rest of it... Any Ideas i have africans in a 40 Gallon about 14... Should i put the midas in the 40 for the mean time while and the other midas in the 55 with a 6 inch oscar and 3 inch JD and some dithers?? He was there before and there was no aggression... I used a huge pot that i soak in hot water in the hot tub and scrubbed it down with a new scotch brite pad till it was all clean and then changed the water and let it soak again.. I put it in about 3 hours ago and the fish love it its like a huge cave with a small about 2 inch hole at the bottom its like cone lol anyways... The Power head on the 55 is on top and it makes alot of bubbles in the tank....

Another question I run basic carbon on the 2 filters that are empty its the white and black kind from Marineland should i run one with the micro pads and crushed coral in the other?? or is it fine with carbon...

I have a planted 10 gallon with the CO2 System mini penquin and its in habitants are 2 Convicts 1 male 1 female around what size do they begin to breed?? they are about 1.5" now each and not much aggression besides the male chases the female a lil...

Well I have a question on africans I have
1 Kenyi male
2 R Empress 1 Male 1 Female
1 Blue Lambidochromis
1 Black and Yellow Mbuna not sure its Black with Yellow Fins Definitley African tho

They are all 2.5 inches if I were to pick up a few say about 5 to populate the tank more which or should I just buy a few clown loaches the tank has 3 in it... all 2.5 - 3 Inch...

Theres aggression from the Blue and the Kenyi... I head they are evil the kenyi and many ppl have probs with them... Maybe if i picked up some Electric yellows or something and a female kenyi agression would go down between them?

05-09-2003, 11:49 AM
Micron pads.... look for brands like Pure Flo, etc. You should be able to get them at a fish store (it's basically just a big sheet of white felt-like material that you cut to size).

If you just have the Devil and Midas in the 65 and they're small, you've got a good opportunity to spread the agrresion around by adding more fish (the tank would be more interesting too!). Just get some inexpensive convicts, up to 8 or 10. That would really help. I don't like keeping fish alone as a rule unless they are truly solitary in nature (your fish are moderately social except when breeding)., but a two fish tank is always going to be problems.

You can never have too many pots. Stack them (solidly) right up to the surface (especially if you add a bunch of convicts). Better to use new ones as you never know what may have leached in to used ones.

Bubbles in a tank do not represent more oxygen. Not much oxygen saturates on those bubbles; it just looks like it would. It is more important to eliminate any layering of the tank water so that as much of it as possible is exposed to the surface. Powerheads low stirring things up while hang on back filters turn over the surface is good.

In a well cycled tank, it is completely unecessary to use carbon, etc. if you are making your water changes. Even if you aren't making those changes, carbon really doesn't absorb what you need it to, and it eventually leaches stuff back into the tank.

Your convicts will breed soon if the water is even close to decent.

The Africans will probably ignore the loaches, so that won't change the aggression to any effective degree (there is a chance it will increase it if the loaches fight for caves). What size tank?

05-10-2003, 04:00 AM
How can u tell if a fish have Paired together?? Whats their behavior?

If i were to buy all the convicts will they get targeted by the RD and other midas and some will be killed or they will just calm down?? I dont want to put any fish in the line of fire :( lol i freak out when i see a scratch on any of my fish hehe lol When you move fish from tank to tank whats the routine u cant just pick them up and throw them in there i bag them and fill it with air as if i were to just buy it from LFS and then the 20 min sitting in the tank with the bag and then i poke a small hole for the water to mix lil by lil and then i release... I havent lost any fish and I have been moving alot of fish since the new tanks just keep coming...

So far i have

1 40
1 55
1 65
1 20

2 Midas RD and Yellow Midas ( i think its another RD) lol
1 Oscar
1 JD
1 Blue Acara
1 Fire Mouth

Im gonna pick up some Cons and put them in the 65 Gallon like 8 of them this weekend and see how the midas react should i put the Convs first then the midas 1 by one or the midas then the cons? and would i need alot more cover besides a few plants and a big pot?

Should i do anything to the pots or just add them whole? or drill holes and stuff

On the cons is there a certain size i need to buy?

I head cons become very aggressive when breeding what happens then? will i need to move the parents to the 20??? or something and what about all the fry i will have with 8-10 cons? I heard ppl feed other fish with fry but I dont know if i can do that to them :( My cons are so cute hehe

You ever use Bio Blend Cichlid Food? it sinks slowy and it chewy and supposedly helps the immune system and is really healthy food for them its about $8 a bottle my fish like it and it doesnt float on top or sink to the bottom it like bobs up and down in the tank really cool fish see it fast and eat it all :)

I also know midas like dim lighting in a tank how is that done just low watt lights? i put like a pillow cover under the light to dim it and it looks right to me but i dunno just an idea :)

Also on the Emperors i noticed the wheel doesnt spin as fast anymore and the flow of water is low ive cleaned the pipes that shoot water and cleaned the filters i dont know whats wrong any ideas?

05-10-2003, 09:35 AM
Never mind on the emp i havent cleaned out the part where the actual magnetic wheel is and i know thats why because my penguins did the same thing till i cleaned the magnet

05-10-2003, 10:17 AM
Just a note on the Emperors..... yes the impeller needed cleaning. If the flow gets reduced, there's generally plant metrial, etc. stuck in the impeller. Also, the bio-wheel doesn't have to spin quickly to work just as well. As long as it rotates at all it is working just fine.

I wouldn't put anything that could ignite under the light. Try a layer of floating plants. That will cut down the light, make the fish feel more comfortable, and serve to reduce some of the nitrates from your water.

Yes, I have used Bio-Blend food for my smaller fish. Any of the big brands is a good selection if you get the cichlid formulas. I've found that certain foods sink better while others float solely and others are a mix of the two (e.g. Bio-Blend). You can purchase whatever best suits your needs there. Regardless, prepared food should be just one of many on the menu. I feed a combination of prepared pellets (flake to smaller fish), frozen foods, freeze dried foods, and live foods. Currently on hand I have:
- Hikari pellets of various types (herbivore, carnivore, color...)
- Ocean Nutrition Formula One and Formula Two pellets
- Omega One herbivore pellets
- Prime Reef Herbivore pellets (sinks the fastest)
- Various loach and catfish pellets
- Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Flakes
- Freeze dried krill
- Freeze dried plankton
- Frozen bloodworms (Hikari is the best for that)
- Frozen krill
- Frozen Formula One
- Frozen Formula Two
- Frozen Formula VHP
- Frozen plankton
- Frozen mysis shrimp
- Seaweed strips (for plecos and herbivores)
- Frozen scallops and shrimp from the grocery store
- Various liquid vitamins
- (I just ran out of live blackworms; placing another order though)

So, I try to match the size, type, and float/sink quality of the food to the fish I keep. I most cases, nearly everything is offered on occasion. Variety is the key as that is what most of our fish would find in the wild.

Convicts due get aggressive when they breed, but they don't protect a very large area. Also, the babies will eventually "disappear" for the most part (check out the stomachs of your other fish!). Just leave them all in the tank with the parents.

It doesn't really matter what size the convicts are you purchase as long as they aren't too small and you get enough of them.

I would know holes in the pots. You can knock the bottms out easily or drill holes with a little work. I like to stand the pots upside down, so they need holes on the sides (you'll probably knock some of the pots into pieces.... use those too!). Just have a bunch of them....... never too many..... stack them all over.

Your fish will probably tear out any plants you root unless they are plastic and weighted down heavily. You could get some of those giant plastic plants and just let them float. Whenever fish are really getting harassed, they seem to flee to the surface to hide. A good cover of plants there would help them out.

I'd just introduce them by acclimating them in a bucket (pour a little water in over time). Turn off the lights and release them. Make sure to release several at a time though so no single fish gets picked on too much.

05-10-2003, 10:40 AM
Thankz chc uve been alot of help yes ive seen those plants that hang and I think ill pick up 1 or for the surface of my 55 and 65 gallon.. Ill be picking up the cons soon and maybe some other foods i only have pellets krill brine shrimp and flakes like 3 diff hikari pellets all diff sizes and the bio blend hehe

05-14-2003, 09:41 PM

The LFS had only fry convicts about 1/2" and those would of been snacks for the RD and The Midas but they had Tin Foil Barbs 6 3" for $10... So i picked them up... Ive seen them with Adult Midas before so I figured 2 Juvies would be fine with them... Well I added the Barbs 4 Clown Loaches 3" 2 Green Cory Cats 3"
and then the midas but the RD still ignores all and chases the other midas non stop any ideas now????? I moved the Midas to the 40 for the mean time.... the barbs swim freely and so do the loaches and cats np at all but the midas was in the corner in a sec or between the emperor 400 sucking tube and the glass of the back of the tank anyways... Im thinking of all possible ideas its got alot of big hiding spaces and huge pots and even a big plastic drift wood piece.... Maybe I added the fish wrong.... the RD seems really dominant over its spaces then again its an RD :)

Should i throw in my 2 cons i have now in a 20 in the 65 with the RD??? or leave them be? I have also 1 3.5 Inch Dempsey that I could move also...

Any ideas are welcome!!! :D :D :D :D :D

05-15-2003, 04:42 PM
Any? :confused: :confused: :confused:

05-16-2003, 09:09 AM
65 Gallon


1 Red Devil
2 Green Cory Cats
6 Tinfoil Barbs
4 Clown Loaches
2 Convicts

With this setup there is minimal aggression the Red Devil just decides to swim through the mass of barbs and like swing his head then swims away but once the other midas is in there then its cat and mouse till he runs in the corner top of the tank i have alot in the tank long plants dim lighting light gravel big pots i dunno what to do i need to move that other midas because hes picking on my oscar maybe if i took out the red devil dropped him in a 10 gallon i have thats just growing plants for like an hour and put the other midas in the 65 and then add the RD and he will feel new to the tank and less aggressive??:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

05-20-2003, 07:50 AM
Im in a stalemate dont know what to do :confused: :confused:

05-20-2003, 09:16 AM
You can't force a particular situation to occur if it just isn't going to cooperate. RD's are always going to be the roughest on closely related species, so the Midas is getting the brunt of it.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Just like people, they don't always get along.