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03-22-2003, 12:33 AM
now. do u guys buy a new cartredge once a month?(AC 500)?...

i dunno if this helps, but i got 2 AC 500's and 3 cartridges that i rotate in between'em. the one thats out of the filter, i rinse it for about 30 min(literally) and boil it a couple times, after i'm done it almso looks like new.

jsut a tip if u dont wanan waste cash on new cartridges every month.

03-22-2003, 01:21 PM
You'd probably be better off just rinsing the foam under dechlorinated water until the water run off is clean. You'd have less of an effect on the biological culture in the sponge that way. You aren't doing yourself any favors by completely eradicating the bio-culture.

The idea is to eliminate most of the organic material from the sponge while still maintaining a viable bio-culture. If you are "sterilizing" the sponge, the filter needs to be cycled all over again for it to function properly.

What I would suggest, and what I do on the one AC I still use, is cut the sponge in half and only rinse one half at a time (the top half goes to the bottom, and the bottom half is rinsed and replaced on the top). Actually, I utilize two sponges with both cut in half. That way, I can rinse one fourth of the media every 4-5 days.

This issue is one reason I favor the bio-wheel based models (e.g. Emperor). It is more difficult to degrade such a filter's biological capability as the bio-wheel is never removed for cleaning.

03-23-2003, 04:53 PM
Dont boil the sponge, just rinse in dirty tank water to remove any particles.

03-23-2003, 08:25 PM
the 2 AC are not my biological filters. i have 3 powerheads in the tank, and in the AC 500's i have 3 AC mini sponges i squeez off in the tank every now and then, they dont really get dirty.

trust me i have enough bio-filtration going on. lmao. my post was pertaining to cleaning the sponges off thoroughly that arent a part of my bio-filtration.

03-24-2003, 02:53 AM
on my powerheads, i also have 3 sponge filter attachments on them..

i have 1 meriland 450(145gal/hr), 1550(175gal/hr), and 1 1130(300gal/hr).

03-29-2003, 09:13 AM
I'm still a little unclear about your biological filtration setup.

Regardless, bacteria does not know whether it should inhabit the "biofilter" or the "mechanical filter" as you have assigned them. Any and all surfaces in an aquarium host large bio-cultures, so whether or not you intend it to be so, your Aquaclear is harboring a certain percentage of your total bio-culture. That bio-culture is directly proportionate in size to the amount of food (organic products) it has to consume and no more. It grows to the unique situation of the tank.

Regardless of your intentions, sterilizing your sponges has deleterious effects on the total bio-culture in your tank, and there must be some degree of recovery for it to reestablish itself once again.

03-31-2003, 09:34 PM
Well said and very true chc :wink: but it may not have such a huge impact to where the tank its self is gonna recycle, but regardless youll have to regrow bacteria and that could lead to some cloudy water conditions for a few and maybe a slight spike in toxins "mini cycle".......