View Full Version : Need opinions on my filtering set-up please

11-30-2005, 02:43 AM
The tank in question is a 40 gallon with a sand substrate.

It's overstocked with multis. Had 9, now have about 100+ juvies and fry. :rolleyes:

I suspect it will always be heavily stocked even if I can find someone to sell the things to or give them to. So, I'm wanting to be extra careful with the water quality.

I currently do a 10 gallon water change once a week along with a vacuuming of the sand.

I'm using two filters:

1. HOT Magnum 250 using AquaClear Ammonia Remover substrate (in place of the carbon that came with the Magnum). The Magnum uses the the BIO-Wheel option.

2. HOT Magnum 250 using AquaClear BioMax media substrate (slightly crushed to fit in the Magnum media slot and again, in place of the carbon). This Magnum also uses the BIO-Wheel option.

I know I'm moving a load of water but does the media seem like a good choice? The Magnum doesn't mention using any media other than carbon.

I think maybe I should just go with the ammonia removing media in both filters since I have the BIO-Wheels. Does the BioMax substrate in one filter really add a lot? If I have the ammonia media in both, then I can stagger the replacement, since I do have to fully replace it and not just rinse it.