View Full Version : Postpone water changes for up to one YEAR????????

02-11-2003, 05:31 PM
I was surfing the net, and came upon something very suspect. The company that sells it is quite reputible, but what bothers me is that there is no picture of the product and if you do a search on the product mane or manufacturer, so only results come back to this online retailer. Anyone ever seen this before? Anyone ever used this before? Check out this link and read the claims this product makes.


02-11-2003, 06:49 PM
Not to be cynical, or anything, but...

Gee, Eb, I don't know. Sounds suspicious. Notice how they never said how it works "electrically." They do mention though, how it works "ectrochemically." It converts ammonia, to nitrogen gas. I have an email in to them to find out more info. Hope I get a reply, because like you said, they are a reputible company.

But no water changes for a year??? I don't know, I've had fish my whole life and I never saw any filter that is that "perfect." Would be great, though, if it does what it says.

02-12-2003, 10:07 AM
Let me know if you get a response from them. I have sent emails to them in the past and never recieved a response. I would interested in what they have to say about the product, too!

02-12-2003, 10:44 AM
sounds too good to be true. probably b.s.

02-12-2003, 02:08 PM
It says that it will "soften water" as it cleans... this pretty much make its useless for hard water loving Cfrican Cichlids.


02-12-2003, 06:10 PM
stuff that sounds too good to be true...usually is:(

post anyw reply that ya get:)

02-22-2003, 12:31 PM
I still haven't heard from them. :(
Just thought I'd let you guys know.

02-22-2003, 12:57 PM
prolly cuz they're trying to figure out what lie to tell you!!

02-22-2003, 07:27 PM
:lol: :mrgreen: :rofl: :mrgreen: :lol:

I am [i:485133d940]sure[/i:485133d940]!