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02-06-2003, 04:19 PM
Hi all,

Hoping to get some info from you all.

I've been doing some research on GH/KH and have been getting conflicting info.

My GH=12, KH=19. That would be GH=215 ppm, KH=340 ppm

By what I have been reading my KH is a bit high, what do you think?

Thanks a bunch, get a lot of good info on this site.

Matt :)

02-07-2003, 08:38 AM
Hi Matt

While your KH <I> is </I> on the high side, IMO it's not too much so for the majority of African species. Is that what your tap water tests out to? I'm guessing that the associated pH is under 9.0.

02-07-2003, 04:34 PM
Hi Tom,

My tap tests at ph 7.0, gh 10, and kh 5.

I buffer it up using Kent AF Buffer/Chemistry also ad a little epsom(very little) heard it was good for bloat as a preventative Ph is 8.2