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02-16-2005, 01:49 PM
Just got 2 AC110's. They were the first AC filters I have had new, although I have 3 running, so I thought I would read the instructions.

For anybody new to AquaClear filters, do not follow the directions completely. They instruct replacing the 3 media types at the following times:

Sponge: 2 months. These will last almost forever, I have one that is at least 3-4 years old. Just rinse out in tank water periodically.

Bio-rings - they come with the new packages (20/30/70/110): 3 months. Again, these should last forever, just rinse out in tank water if they get too gunked up. It will take a while for bio colony to get fully loaded, you don't want to loose it.

Carbon: 1 month. Sounds right, if you use it. Will keep mine in the box and use if needed to remove meds down the line.

Sounds like the media replacement guidelines are designed to keep sales of media up, not necessarily to keep tanks healthy. They do reccomend changing one media at a time, and to never replace all at the same time.

I bought some poly batting 15"x17"x2" at JoAnns (they have it at Michaels and WalMart also) that has much more substance and loft than the common rolled up poly quilt batting. It is designed for a seat pad. It is stiff enough to hold out straight. Works great so far. Cut a piece to fit on top of the bio-rings, and the thickness is perfect for the AC110 to fill the basket. Less polish power than the regualr floss type batting, but doesn't clog as fast either. About 1/2 way between sponge and floss. Two sponges wouln't fit (one sponge is over 1/2 the height of the basket on the 500/110, and I wanted to use the rings. $5 for the sheet, and I will get about 6 110 size pads, and many for the Minis I have and also the 70/300. The smaller AC filters can use 2 sponges, which is what I use, or 1 sponge and a folded up stack of poly floss.

02-16-2005, 09:23 PM
Nice tips.

I agree that replacement media is behind their suggested schedule. I can't imagine that ceramic rings would ever need to be replaced.