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01-18-2005, 09:12 AM
Pics of both of the sump set ups I have running at the moment.

First tank is a 270 gallon 7 feet long, by 30 inches wide by 24 tall. Sump is a 106 gallon. Consists of 2 1.5 inch drains and 2 1 inch returns plumbed back into the overflow. Modified durso stand pipes as there is not enough room inside the overflow to do it properly. Works good, but if I did it again I would plumb another way. Mag 2400 pump provides the return. Return tubing is a spaflex flexy pvc I got from a hot tub store. Expensive, but cuts the sound level down substanitally.
Bio media are bioballs.

Second tank is a 135 gallon 6 feet by 18 inches, by 24 inches high. Drains are a cpr 1200 gph oveflow with a tom reverse suction pump to help with the suction (prevent floods). This unti was broken, due to an attempted preshipping try out. (I originally sold it) Due to breakage, the sale was off so I decided to use it. Glad I did, as super glue is an amazing thing and it works quite well.
Return is a mag 1200 pump plumbed to a single return at the other side of the tank. Again I used a combination or flexy and hard pvc to deaden the noise and also help plumb it over the top. Biomedia is shotgun shell wad (for reloading) and a few bioballs. After finding the shotgun shell wads I will never buy another bioball. Where else can you get 1000 for $20.

Couple notes. Just pulled out some driftwood out of the 270 and that is the reason for the yellow water.

Anyway hope you enjoy.

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Here is a link Can't upload more than two of the photos.

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Nice tanks! Looks like fun!

I see what you're talking about with the rigid PVC. There is probably a lot of noise as a result coming from vibration (from the pump on the smaller tank). For both the drains and the pump you can use clear tubing from the hardware store (I use the reinforced kind for returns). Just get barbed fittings (plastic) with threads on one end. Home Depot and Lowes have them (they're grey). For any tube/barb connection out of the water use metal clamps (in the plumbing section; the ones with the screw head in them). Anything underwater needs the black plastic ratchet type you get from pet stores online.

You can still put a ball valve on the return if you'd like (I think that's what I'm seeing), but there's really no need unless your pump is stronger than your overflow capability.

Also, have you tried suspending the pump? If it rests on anything it will make more noise. Hang a strong elastic band from the tank frame (or the sump) or just some nylon line and let the pump sort of dangle from that.

Instead of the floss inside the last baffle, try some sponge (bigalsonline for bulk sponge). The floss can break up and get into the impeller of the pump. Also, the sponge won't allow any bypass if you cut it for a tight fit. Floss on the drip plate can be cut from baby bumper batting (fabric store). I use the 1" high loft, and it comes in something like 12"x 15' rolls. I cut several pieces at a time and tend to replace it every day or two (reduces the waste load on the filter; slows nitrate production).

Your question about bioballs in the overflow for sound reduction: sounds fine to me. The gurgling noise though.... is it gurgling (like a waterfall) or more of a sucking sound?

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rudy- love the decorative siphon nozzle in the tank! adds flavor lol...

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rudy- love the decorative siphon nozzle in the tank! adds flavor lol...

Oh yeah. That is my new Tuba.

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Originally posted by Rudy
Here is a link Can't upload more than two of the photos.

????why not????

It's not hard...http://www.cichlidforums.com/postimages/2005-01-20/85723-001.jpg http://www.cichlidforums.com/postimages/2005-01-20/85723-002.jpg





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Colby is my hero........not.