View Full Version : Should I get a Fluval 404?

12-27-2004, 09:20 PM
I have a 75 gal with a Emperor 400 and 3 2-3 inch oscars.
I'm thinking of adding a canister filter like a Fluval but I don't
know much about them and the concept behind them.

I do know that with power filters like the emperors the monthly
cost of maintaince comes from the filter packs that cost about
$10 per pack of two and the cost of the ammo/carbon chips.
But what about the maintance cost of these canisters??


12-30-2004, 06:16 PM
Hi Big O, I have a 75 as well, and am running 2 404's on it.

They have a dual sponge pre-screen filter - the sponges last a long time with regular cleaning. Then they have four seperate media trays. I run them like this:

Top - bio ceramics
- bio ceramics
- empty or carbon when I need to use it - only after meds, or maybe once every month or so
Bottom - filter floss and 100 micron padding.

When you first buy the filter, you get enough ceramic and carbon.

Anyway - the cost. The filter floss is cheap - I paid $10 CDN for a giant bag, and can even rinse out what I've cut a couple of times before chucking it. The micron padding, which is just optional, is equally cheap. The ceramics last 6 months, according to Hagen. I've been running them for a year. I just pick a chamber to thoroughly wash out every so often(but not all at once!!)

Anyway, I'm on a really bad connection here. I'd say it's a decent filter. I can do maintenace on both of them in about 15 minutes. And I've found HAgen to have good customer service - the first 404 came with my used aquarium, and was burned out. Hagen replaced the motor unit for free.

Later! (And I ain't spell checking this!! :) )

12-31-2004, 11:57 PM
i have an old fluval 203. its an alright filter, i would not buy another one, i hate the o-ring. one thing i would definatly look at when buying a new canister filter, is to make sure the design of the filter does not alow water to pass through and not go through media. changing media on my filter is a pain in the butt, i assume thats because it an old filter though. anywyas, good luck to ya.

01-10-2005, 12:13 PM
I have a Fluval 303 (the older version) that's quite different in design than the xx4 version. The 303 is very solid and has lasted me about 4 years with only minor part replacement. Sometimes difficult to get the siphon going after cleaning, but that may be just me. I liked the 303 better than the 304 as it has more room for media and is more of a classic canister design.

I've heard Eheim is the "Mercedez" of canister filters and Fluval would be a Cadillac...not sure about the new designs, though.