View Full Version : Cleaning Texas Holey Rock (Honeycomb Limestone)

01-25-2003, 01:27 PM
I just got a ton of Texas Holey rock. I know you are supposed to clean it with bleach. Does anyone know the proper way to do this? How much bleach in the water? How long do you let it soak? Is it safe to scrub the rocks with the bleach solution?

How do you make damn sure that there are no traces of bleach left?



Raymond John
02-02-2003, 10:53 AM
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I haven't yet used the Texas Holey rock, but I have some chunks of 'coral rock' my cousin picked up for me while he was in Florida. It is probably more poreous than Holey rock, I'm not sure...., but I use a pint of bleach in a five gallon bucket with the rocks in and filled the rest of the way with water. I let this set outside for about a week, emptied the bleach water, refilled with fresh and let it set again for a week.....at the end of the second week, I spread the rocks out to let air dry. Once they dry, I spray with the hose and make sure all the bleach is gone (no smell). Then let it dry again.....better safe than sorry, I spray again and let dry again. By this time I feel it is safe to put into the aquarium.

When I'm cleaning my tank after the rocks have been in a while and have a substantial amount of algae growth, I repeat the process above without the 2 week waiting periods......I put the rocks in a bucket of bleach water right away so that when I'm ready to re-set my aquarium, the algae has been bleached away. I just rewash and dry many times before I put the rocks back into the aquarium.
I don't recommend trying to bleach thick hair algae......you will only succeed in turning your algae from green to white.....if you have thick hair algae, you might want to get a brush and start scrubbing before you bleach, this way you wont have all that 'white' algae staring at you from inside the tank after you've reset it up.
Talk to You soon,
Raymond John[/b:67646cb5d5]