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  1. Ran out of food, wasn't paying attention >.>
  2. cloudy eye
  3. plecostomus shedding skin?
  4. Sudden deaths
  5. Cichlid spots
  6. Vertical electric yellow cichlid
  7. Parrot Looks Sick...White Belly, Not Eating, Frayed Fins
  8. Sick african tank! Help!
  9. Velvet! Help!
  10. Flagstone safe??
  11. SALVINI wounded??
  12. Help Needed ASAP!
  13. Peacock in need of HELP!
  14. Help ick
  15. Really high No2, No3 help please?!
  16. Peacock sick 1 dead already
  17. Please help! Woke up and some cichlids died
  18. Fish staying at top of water
  19. Need help my cichlids are dying, don't know what else to do
  20. Help Please
  21. my mama demasoni is really sick, please help?!
  22. sick demasoni
  23. Looks like they are kissing...
  24. Black Spot Under Jack Dempsey's Gills
  25. how to treat new fish for disease before i put them in with my othere fish??
  26. Electric blue sick or injured
  27. Can some one help me with fin rot???
  28. HELP! Peacock has huge gaping hole where eye used to be :(
  29. Help... Lemon jake having gill issues!
  30. jack Dempsy randomly dies
  31. Rainbow badly beat up
  32. bloat?
  33. It looks like my cobalt blue is shedding!!!!!
  34. excessive white poop by 3 cichlids in 3 days
  35. Pop eye
  36. Is my fish sick or mouth brooding?
  37. Help...fish looks sick.
  38. Cichlid rubbing on rocks, is this color from the flash of my camera?
  39. Wound or something more serious?
  40. hopefully another cichlid saved
  41. Very very injured mbuna
  42. aratus is sick
  43. sick jewel
  44. Green Texas Cichlid Mysterious lumps
  45. fish food help
  46. Need help with my texas. He barely eats, and I noticed white stringy poop this morning.
  47. Bumble Bee Cichlid what is wrong?
  48. weird swimming
  49. plz help!
  50. *Top issues encountered during renovation*
  51. Skinny Head ????????
  52. Fungus on entire body
  53. Is my Jewel Cichlid sick...or maybe lonely?
  54. My fish is dieing I think PLEASE HELP
  55. About to buy some Cichlids, what happened to their stomach?
  56. Large Bacterial Problem
  57. new here :) please help me help my sick fish!
  58. Possible Pop eye? Pictures included
  59. Best food to add color to Demasoni
  60. Please help...c.afra very swollen
  61. Cichlid floating around top of tank on his side
  62. Cannibal Peacock..... FYI
  63. Treating Maracyn and Maracyn 2 at same time... water changes
  64. When using salt what is the most you have successfully used?
  65. This is Columnaris right?
  66. Problem with my Convict Cichlid pair
  67. how long can young cichlid survive without eating?
  68. Sick venustus
  69. Sad day
  70. Electric blue losing scales.
  71. Kenyi's seem to be loosing weight... "concerned"
  72. Sick Cichlid
  73. Convict Cichlid help (Frayed, red colored fins, pale body.)
  74. Some swimming vertical at top some staying planted at the bottom. One dead.
  75. Noticed something odd about eyes on one cichlid...opnions?
  76. please help not sure if this is a disease
  77. It doesn't look like ich, please help!!!!
  78. Flowerhorn not eating. Clear/white poop
  79. Broken Thermometer
  80. Ich again for whatever reason
  81. Unusual behavior
  82. Ich Treatment
  83. Brown Algae: A curious observation, looking for feed back.
  84. I NEED HELP! Sick Jack Dempsey
  85. Need Help - Itching fish
  86. africans had parasites, vanished, now back again?!?!?
  87. Ideas about tank issues??
  88. Fungal?
  89. Royal Green Terror not eating
  90. Urgent! Sick fish, someone help :(!
  91. Help what is this? (pic) fuzzy white dot
  92. sorry if i'm asking something already askedů but i'm worried.
  93. Dealing with suddden sevre cause of fine rote?!
  94. Convict has pimples!
  95. Bulge on right side of body
  96. exploding fish?
  97. water change error
  98. Need help, fish at top of tank
  99. Fish stuck............
  100. Feeding cichlids soybeans
  101. genetic problem or disease?
  102. Need help SYNO MULTIS DYING
  103. flowerhorn turning white?
  104. Injured wound on mbuna. white fuzz. fungus? help!
  105. PWC temp was too cold - fish now not swimming.
  106. Electric yellow with some green
  107. Oscar cichlids
  108. Help
  109. Nitrate
  110. Nitrate
  111. Nitrates
  112. Help nitrates
  113. JD with...bloat?